Tourism in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends invites academics and practitioners to submit their most recent research on the complex evolutions of tourism, in connection with the political, economic, social and cultural factors, in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East.

Guest-editors of this special issue are
– Dr. Jeffrey Kantor, Ariel University, Israel
– Nedra Bahri-Ammari, IHEC of Cartage, Tunisia

Deadline for paper submission: 1 Sept. 2014

JTCT is offering an overview of the theories and practices in the tourism industry. The contributions of researchers around the world have been recognized by its inclusion in prestigious international academic databases among which CEEOL, Index Copernicus, EBSCO, ProQuest and others.


Simão Pedro Ravara de Oliveira has joined the editorial board of the Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends

ImageSimão Oliveira is Bachelor in Management and Planning in Tourism (University of Aveiro – Portugal), Master in Management and Development in Tourism (University of Aveiro – Portugal), holds an Advanced Studies Degree in Business Management and International Commerce, by the University of Extremadura (Spain), where is finalizing his PhD about wine tourism routes.

Teaching at full time, in the Portuguese higher education system since 2004/2005, he is Assistant Professor at the School of Tourism and Maritime Technology of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal), in the fields of food and wine tourism, hospitality, tourism and economics. Associated Member of GITUR – Tourism Research Group, he is also the Director of the Technological Specialization course in Management in Tourism Recreation.

As researcher, has focused his efforts in the food and wine tourism field, with several publications in portuguese, spanish and english in scientific journals and conference proceedings. In what regards to oral presentations, attended at conferences in countries like Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, Italy, Malaysia among others. Also, coordinated an I&D project about Food Tourism.

Simão Oliveira is Executive Editor of the scientific journal European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation (Portugal); and member of the Editorial Committee and referee of journals from Argentina, India and UK.

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CfP: Tourism in the Mediterranean and the Middle East


Tourism in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas: DDL: March 31, 2014

The next two issues of the Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends are investigating the latest evolutions of tourism in the Mediterranean region and the neighboring regions: tourism in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas (vol.7.1) and tourism in the Mediterranean and the Middle East (vol.7.2).

The main research question addressed in vol. 7.1 is how the evolutions of the social, political, cultural and economic climates in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea have influenced tourism. Noting that the changes in tourism in the specified region redirected the tourists towards the Black Sea, and considering the complex relationships between the two area, this issue of the journal also looks into the latest developments of tourism around the Marmara and Black Seas.

The guest editor for the following issue is Prof.dr. Simão Pedro Ravara de Oliveira (director of CET em Gestão de Animação Turística, School of Tourism and Maritime Technology, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal)

ToC: New Trends in the Anthropology of Tourism

5          Foreword
.           Mihaela Sofia DINU

7          From the Guest-Editor
.            Tamás RÉGI

13        (Un)Doing Tourism Anthropology: Outline of a Field of Practice
.            Les ROBERTS, Hazel ANDREWS

39        Revisiting Hosts and Guests: Ethnographic Insights on Touristic Encounters from Cuba
.            Valerio SIMONI

63        Apologia Pro Turismo: Breaking Inter- and Intra-Disciplinary Boundaries in the
             Anthropological Study of Tourism and Pilgrimage
.           Michael A. DI GIOVINE

95        The Self in the World and the World in the Self: the SOAS MA in
             Anthropology of Travel, Tourism, and Pilgrimage
.            Tom SELWYN


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